Character Showcase

Arrows/WASD: Move character
Z: Attack
X: Enter 'Shadow Step' mode when bar is full.

Take a pleasant walk through the forest. Watch out for monsters! You can either fight or avoid monsters, its up to you. When the bar fills, press 'X' to enter 'Shadow Step' mode. In this mode you'll avoid all damage automatically.

Hints and Tips:

So this is less of a game and more of an idea test kitchen. I'm constantly coming up with new ideas for games and characters and at times have difficulty keeping the project scope in check. When this happens it becomes difficult to get very far in the project without being overwhelmed with the scope of it all. I figured instead of starting with a really big game, it might make a bit more sense to make a bunch of tiny games and keep them in a collection. When I get a really fun idea, I can expand it into a bigger project later. My goal is to have different sections of this game for different characters. Each section is essentially a different full game idea but in tiny manageable pieces. This way I can make what I need for the games without being overwhelmed, while at the same time gauging what games people will be most interested in.

Acorn’s Game:
So this is actually a few games in one believe it or not. If you have seen the other games on this site you may recognize the gameplay as very similar to the “Cromartie High Hallway” game. As you may have guessed, the gameplay for this game is largely inspired by that game, but hopefully improved to be a bit more fun.
The gameplay is also fairly similar to a game idea I had a while back. Essentially the game would be a shoot-em-up with some JRPG elements. The player would play as a wizard travelling throughout the kingdom. Enemies would appear that the player could defeat for gold and experience. As the player travelled they would be able to go to towns and meet merchants on the map who they would be able to by power ups from. In addition to this, there would be bonus areas the player could go to for more money and power ups. There would be a small story tying the levels together, and each level would have a unique boss fight as well as an ally character who would help the player out. I actually started making the bosses for this game a few years ago, but the files were destroyed…
Acorn, the character you play as in this game, actually has a bit of a history as well. I originally designed her and some other characters as a generic hero sprite sheet I had planned to put on the Unity Asset store. I eventually grew to like the characters however, so that never came to fruition. I went back to these characters and even redesigned them a bit when my cousin and I came up with an idea for a game. The idea was essentially Kirby Air Ride meets the handheld Legend of Zelda titles. The players would be given a small amount of time to explore a small area to complete missions and gather supplies to prepare themselves for a randomized challenge. This challenge could be anything from a race to a boss fight and would vary depending on what level the players were on.

Acorn's Level: 'A Good Bass for Gambling' by Komiku found on

Everything Else: Theoden Swaby